Software Developers

We are:
The backing of the team, the price of one developer

No developer is an island. Every Avantic developer has access to the rest of the Avantic team for anything from debugging help to code review – all at no extra cost to you

Maximum bang for your buck

World-class developers don’t come cheap - trust us, we know. At Avantic, we’ve figured out how to get all the value of a $200/hr+ developer at a fraction of the cost to you. Ask us how.

We work the way you work

Long-term project? Short-term project? Not sure? No problem. We can provide you top-notch developers for as little or as long as you need them. Take the risk out of project management.

What we do

Front-end, back-end, and everything in between.
Our developers are well-versed in all modern frameworks,
databases, and practices.
Let us make your site or web application stunning,
performant, and bug-free

Whether it’s a standalone app or a complement to an existing web application, we can bring your ideas to iOS and Android. We’ll also set up any APIs or databases you need to support these apps.

AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and all the services within. Our team has collective decades of experience setting up sophisticated cloud infrastructure that can handle heavy load with minimal resources.

Code, push, deploy, repeat. A good CI/CD system is integral to any business that is trying to iterate and improve quickly. 

We can automate any workflow you have, optimize it, and then optimize it again.

We’re not talking about just plugging in Google Analytics here. Talk to us about how we can implement extremely custom logging within your platform – you’ll gain fine-grained insights into what your users are doing,

as well as insights into what parts of your platform need the most optimization.

The importance of good QA cannot be understated. Whether manual or automated, we know how to set up a comprehensive barrage of tests to make sure not a single bug makes it to your users.

...And Much More!

Our extensive network of developers, designers, and problem-solvers can take on any challenge you throw our way. If you can explain it, we can build it.

Only top developers, vetted

We weren’t kidding - we count CTOs, MIT graduates, ex-Googlers, and more among our ranks. But a great pedigree isn’t enough - all of our developers are thoroughly vetted, and we hand pick the ones that will best suit your needs.

Your Team

Our developers are flexible extensions of your team – you can scale our devs up and down as needed. No commitments, no minimum project lengths.

Communicators and Team Players

A great pedigree and excellent technical skills are still not enough – you want a developer that you can easily communicate with, and one that you enjoy working with