Referal Programs

  1. We appreciate you spreading the word about Avantic, and we want to make sure you are
    compensated for your efforts.

         How it works:

  • If you refer a client to Avantic, you will receive 10% of all revenue we make from
    that client up to $10,000.
  • Example: You refer a client to us, and we place one developer at $60/hr, at 40
    hours per week. After one month, you will have made about $1,000 off of that
    one developer alone. If more developers are placed with the client, the amount
    you make per month will increase accordingly.
  • ○ Note: The $10,000 cap is per company. This means that if you refer five
    companies to us, you can make up to $50,000. If you refer to ten companies,
    then up to $100,000, and so on.
  • Just send us an email at referrals that you were the one to
    refer a given company, and we will make sure you are compensated for your

          Who qualifies for this program?

  • Whether you are a client, one of our own developers, or someone who just
    stumbled onto this site, you qualify for this referral program.


    Reach Us !

Reach us at referrals for any questions or referrals. We look forward to you.