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Our total dealership software package integrates your CRMs and DMs into a single , easy to use, contract free package. We are excactly what your dealership needs in order to streamline business, control your team and increase your profit.


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Why Choose Us?

We help make the customer experience efficient: reducing wait time, increasing documentation accuracy, & pushing to F&I/DMS

Tons of Features and Benefits

Take a look at what makes Traffic Control so incredibly powerful. Peruse our features and main points of difference.

Setup a demo!

Seeing is believing – without a doubt. We can talk about how great our software is all day, but we all know test drives make sales.

  •  Follow up with customers
  •  See all customers details
  •  “Tell-U-Phone” Telephone integration
  •  Desking deals
  •  Easily mine your customer database
  •  Exclusive AutoMotor Feature

What Our Traffic Control clients are saying?

Darin Vig

Traffic Control CRM has some features I have never seen in a CRM tool.”

Mike Naylor

Mike, our designated support specialist at Traffic Control did a great job of getting us going. We have some excited salespeople and I am sure we will sell more vehicles with Traffic Control’s help!”

Corey Dreese

Thrilled to be back with Traffic Control CRM. I love the follow up program.”

Bob Gibbs

Traffic Control CRM makes it simple to follow up with customers either before or after the sale. All the information is right in front of you and it reminds you what is important today and every day. The sales department can see what’s going on out in service, which customers are coming in tomorrow and who is here today. Managers working in the back office can keep an eye on who’s up front out of sight of their desk. You can even tell if a salesperson made a phone call to a prospect or a past customer just by the color coding of the customer’s information. It’s easy to see who is putting in the effort.”

Jack Haus

We recently cancelled our contract with First Pencil. While I liked some of their features, I could not send my deals from First Pencil to my Finance program. Traffic Control CRM is not only fully integrated with my F&I program but there Desking tool is amazing. TC was able to customize a Lease Retail Comparison worksheet that we love and now offer a Lease on every deal; and I can push the deal with one mouse click

Traffic Control was designed FOR dealers BY dealers, and exists solely to make the difficult undertaking of dealership control MANAGEABLE and PROFITABLE!


Melbourne, Florida, USA

Monday-Friday: 9 am – 6pm EST

Closed Sat. and Sun.